Origami - is not only the Japanese Art to create figures from a simple square of paper - is the center of a child's development.

Which will bring together under one roof the best teachers and artists.

Today there are:

1. Center Roswitha child "Yangolyatko"

2. Private Language School

3. The studio of modern dance "Broadway"

4. Studio classical dance and children's fitness «VerDikt»

5. Aesthetic Studio of "A-salt"

6. Children's Yoga

7. Class "Origami"

8. theatrical circle

Where, in fact, the name "Origami" - it is advisable to notice you? Everything is very simple. The hidden potential of the child, a blank sheet of origami, that in the hands of the master can be revealed in a very beautiful shape. The ancient art of origami master, not cutting anything superfluous, working with paper, in which all four sides are equal and important. So in dealing with a child, not cutting anything extra, supporting the balance of development, security, joy and comfort specialists of the Centre "Origami" help to manifest his infinite potential.

The bright and airy classrooms, equipped with the latest technology, ecological building materials and furniture, modern air conditioning system and CCTV will ensure a safe and comfortable stay in the center of your child. Talented experienced teachers can choose an individual key to every little personality and reveal all the facets of her talent. And under these conditions, the child will definitely feel the joy of his first big and small achievements.
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